Pemberton offers investors clearly defined risk-reward strategies.

Mid-Market Debt

The strategy primarily focuses on investments in performing companies in defensive industries with characteristics…

Senior Loan

The strategy targets first lien investments in larger companies, with lower leverage and larger equity cushions than our Mid-Market Debt strategy…

Strategic Credit

The strategy focuses on performing credit rather than stressed/distressed debt and loan-to-own debt investments. Depending on the credit quality…

Working Capital Finance

The strategy provides institutional investors with potential attractive risk-adjusted returns from a diversified, stable and low-duration…

Risk Sharing

Pemberton’s Risk Sharing Strategy focuses on junior tranches of Risk Sharing transactions which provide efficient relief to banks while delivering attractive…


Collateralized loan obligations (‘CLOs’) invest in publicly rated, broadly syndicated loans which are typically used to fund sponsor driven…

NAV Financing

Pemberton’s NAV Financing strategy will provide financing solutions which are predicated on the underlying value of private equity funds’…

Our approach to direct lending

We segregate the types of risk assets we originate into three, clearly defined strategies: Senior Loan, Mid-Market Debt, Strategic Credit.

Our deal teams perform in-depth analysis to ensure we have a thorough understanding of our borrowers’ businesses before we commit capital. We then work closely with company management teams to develop their borrowing strategy over the life of the loan, including providing them with access to long-term committed financing to grow their businesses. We believe this approach provides the best returns and capital protection for our investors through various economic cycles. Pemberton’s origination teams are based locally across our seven origination countries.  This enables us to have access to a broad set of new investment opportunities diversified across both industries and countries. Our access to these investment opportunities and our ability to conduct local due diligence allow us to select investments with the aim of offering attractive risk-adjusted returns for our Limited Partners.

Critically Pemberton is seen by the borrower community as one of the lenders of choice in the European space by being able to provide different financing solutions, from true senior loans to unitranche to flexible financing through second lien, PIK and other instruments. Being this one-stop shop is hugely beneficial for European borrowers and is made possible by the depth of the Pemberton platform and the different strategies that we are managing.

Over time, we intend to develop further strategies where we can continue to provide financing solutions to borrowers and attractive returns to investors through our ability to source, structure and manage credit risk.

Nicole Gates

Chief Credit Officer

Dual-track credit process

Pemberton operates a dual-track investment process that ensures an independent review of all new investment opportunities by 1) the Portfolio Management Team and Origination Team (Track 1) and 2) the Credit Team (Track 2).

We believe the independent review by Pemberton’s Credit Team – alongside the Portfolio Management and Origination Teams – provides more consistent and better risk adjusted outcomes than an investment team where the Credit Teams report to the Portfolio Managers.

As part of its credit assessment, the Credit Team undertakes a rigorous analysis of the credit fundamentals of potential borrowers. This includes calculating an indicative obligor rating. This credit analysis, together with analysis of the proposed legal structure and terms and conditions, help us assess risk-adjusted returns prior to investment.