1st March 2024

Pemberton Achieves 10th PDI Global Award in 8 Years


In 2024, Pemberton notched its 10th award in 8 years at the prestigious Private Debt Investor (PDI) Global Awards 2023. Since clinching its first win in 2015 as the ‘Global Newcomer of the Year,’ Pemberton has consistently excelled, securing multiple ‘Deals of the Year Awards’ from 2018 to 2021, and being recognised as the ‘Senior Lender of the Year’ in 2019 and 2021.

This year, we’re thrilled to have been presented one of the top-tier awards, ‘Lender of the Year – Europe’, for 2023, which is testament to Pemberton’s enhanced capabilities and evolution throughout the years.

The PDI Awards highlight the resilience and outstanding performance of managers, institutional investors, and advisers in challenging market conditions, as acknowledged by their peers. We extend our sincere thanks to our investors and everyone who has supported us along the way.


PDI Awards:

The awards received by Pemberton were given by Private Debt Investor Magazine, which is published by PEI Media Group Ltd., the awards are 100% editorially led and voted on by industry participants. Although Pemberton pay for an advert space in the magazine and the winners’ ‘tombstones’ in previous successful years, no amounts are paid by Pemberton in connection with the granting of the awards itself. The awards were received in the year indicated, and in each case, are granted in respect of the preceding prior year.