Financing corporate working capital with institutional capital

Short term, working capital finance

The strategy focuses on investments in:

  • Working capital finance for large companies and their customers and suppliers;
  • High quality, short-term receivables and payables;
  • Credit-insured assets and uninsured assets.

The strategy offers investors a stable, lower risk, strategic cash alternative via a range of open-ended funds and note issuance structures, including monthly and quarterly liquidity products. Receivables and payables have zero duration risk and demonstrate a minimal level of volatility across the economic cycle.

Working capital finance products are growing quickly as an asset class due to an increased demand from corporates for financing and the continued liquidity and capital constraints faced by many banks. We provide financing for both local and global businesses, enabling companies to optimise the management of their cash and working capital.

Pemberton sources investment opportunities through its Origination teams in Europe and the US, partnerships with FinTech platforms and long-standing relationships with large multi-national banks.  We utilise the credit underwriting expertise of Pemberton’s investment team on all of our investments.

The strategy is managed by Portfolio Managers Oren Bass and Jean Tournaire.

In a world where the outlook for inflation and interest rates remains uncertain and where historic correlations between asset classes are breaking down, Working Capital Finance (WCF) offers institutional investors a set of unique characteristics which can enhance portfolio performance – especially in times of market stress. Offering diversification to institutional investor portfolios while providing self-generated liquidity in periods of market crisis.

Working Capital Finance 

Meet the team

Oren Bass

Managing Director, Head of Working Capital Finance

Jean Tournaire

Managing Director, Working Capital Finance

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