11th December 2023

Pemberton shortlisted in the PDI Global Awards 2023


Pemberton has been shortlisted for the prestigious Private Debt Investor Global Awards 2023 for the categories Europe Lender of the Year and Europe Senior Lender of the Year.

The PDI Awards highlight the managers, institutional investors and advisers that have, in the eyes of their peers, proved their resilience and outperformed in a tough market environment. The purely editorial led voting system – determined by editorial votes, results in winners being decided on, based solely by the industry, for the industry.

As we enter the voting stage of the awards process, we would greatly appreciate your support. Kindly take 5 minutes of your time to cast your vote for Pemberton in the above categories.

Please note that votes only register if you conclude the process by clicking the ‘Finish the Poll’ option. You can skip straight to the ‘Europe’ Awards by selecting the category on the first page of the voting poll. Voting closes on the 8th January 2024.

We value your support and should you wish to discuss feedback more directly, please get in touch.


PDI Awards:

The awards received by Pemberton were given by Private Debt Investor Magazine, which is published by PEI Media Group Ltd., the awards are 100% editorially led and voted on by industry participants. Although Pemberton pay for an advert space in the magazine and the winners’ ‘tombstones’ in previous successful years, no amounts are paid by Pemberton in connection with the granting of the awards itself.

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