15th February 2022

Pemberton appoints Olivier Renault to launch new Risk Sharing Strategy


Pemberton, the leading alternative credit specialist, today announces the appointment of Olivier Renault as Portfolio Manager and Head of Risk Sharing Strategy.

Olivier brings over 20 years of experience in structured credit, securitisation and bank capital finance. At Pemberton, he will be responsible for leading its new Risk Sharing Strategy, which sees Pemberton broaden its offering into yet another attractive area of alternative credit.

Pemberton’s new strategy will invest in junior tranches of loan portfolios originated and serviced by banks. Banks execute these transactions to free up lending capacity and regulatory capital. The asset class has grown significantly in the past few years and Pemberton estimates that around 50-60 transactions per year are executed by banks, each referencing potentially hundreds or even thousands of loans.

Investors in Pemberton’s Risk Sharing Strategy will benefit from Pemberton’s differentiated sourcing approach with local presence in eight European jurisdictions as well as its extensive credit team and regulatory capital expertise.

Prior to joining Pemberton, Olivier spent over ten years at Citigroup, most recently as Global Co-Head of Financial Institutions Group (FIG) Solutions and is widely recognised as a leading originator and structurer of bank risk sharing transactions globally. He also started the Structuring & Advisory practice at Stormharbour, steering it to become one of the leading non-bank structuring platforms in Europe. As well as working in the industry, Olivier previously spent two years in academia as a lecturer in derivatives and risk at the London School of Economics.

Olivier has recently authored his latest article, which discusses SRTs. For more information on this, click on the button below.

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New investment strategies will play an important role in driving our growth, creating the next generation of alternative credit products and providing further opportunities for our investors in 2022. Olivier’s considerable experience makes him the right person to lead this new strategy and build a top-tier offering in what is an increasingly relevant area of the market.

– Mark Hickey, Partner at Pemberton

Pemberton’s deep credit expertise makes it the perfect player to partner with banks in this growing area of alternative credit. With 80% of transactions taking place in Europe, Pemberton’s local office network means it will stand out in the market with unrivalled sourcing capabilities, which will enable us to select the most attractive investment opportunities. I look forward to providing more details about this exciting strategy over the coming months.

– Olivier Renault , Managing Director, Head of Risk Sharing Strategy

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Mark Hickey

Partner, Portfolio Management

Olivier Renault 

Managing Director, Head of Risk Sharing Strategy