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Connecting Capital

The European financing landscape has changed significantly over the past decade. Borrowers continue to need financing partners, but with lending by many traditional lenders constrained, mid-market companies are interested in accessing institutional investors as new, reliable long-term lending partners.

In the current low interest rate environment in Europe, many institutional investors are looking for opportunities to invest funds to generate higher yields. To facilitate this opportunity, Pemberton has built a private debt platform that invests funds managed on behalf of institutional investors around the world into non-investment grade mid-market corporate credit across Europe.

The Pemberton Advantage for Investors:

  • Locally-based origination teams provide access to a broad and diverse range of European mid-market loan investment opportunities
  • Experienced portfolio managers protect investors via rigorous credit selection and risk mitigation through financial covenants and security packages
  • Highly-experienced credit analysts bring a deep sectoral knowledge of the European markets
  • Highly-sophisticated credit analytics system to measure risk and optimise portfolio efficiency
  • Ongoing credit monitoring, using a fully-integrated suite of credit management systems

The Pemberton Advantage for Borrowers:

  • An institutional investor committed to providing long-term capital to the European mid-market
  • Long-standing bank relationships enabling ongoing collaboration with existing lenders
  • Highly-experienced team with a long and successful track record through the credit cycle of structuring financing solutions which deliver long-term value to borrowers
  • Access to significant deal flow allows Pemberton to compare and contrast investment opportunities across Europe, enabling it to provide borrowers timely, market-based feedback on pricing and transaction structures
  • An entire team based in Europe with short lines of communication and efficient decision making