Investment approach

At Pemberton, we believe that in-depth analysis and understanding of our borrowers’ businesses provide the best protection to our investors. We work closely with company management teams in developing their borrowing strategy to provide them with access to long-term financing for growing their businesses.

We focus on investing in non-investment grade corporates, which are a core driver of economic growth in Europe. We believe that being on the ground and close to our borrowers gives us a deeper understanding of each borrower client and the environments in which it operates.  

Our investment process identifies the key risks inherent in any lending opportunity and then focuses on ways to mitigate these risks through carefully designed financial covenants and security packages.

Pemberton’s local origination teams enable it to continually compare mid-market investment opportunities available across the European market.  Our broad access to these investment opportunities allows us to select investments that offer the best risk-adjusted returns for investors.